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Product Development Engineer

Job Description


The Product Development Engineer will have development engineering responsibility for the accomplishment of detailed designs, specifications, procedures, etc. relating to new seating product, and revised existing product within business focused targets of cost, schedule, performance, and aesthetics.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Complete detail design of new and modification to existing seating products, including:  Maximization of designs for manufacturability and end user function; Scheduling and leading design reviews; Scheduling and monitoring the results of pilot runs; Defining, scheduling, and analyzing output of test procedures; Initiating and following to conclusion intellectual property activity; Documenting dimensional tolerances, in-process and final product specifications; Provide direction to peers, superiors, and subordinates leading to successful completion of all tasks relating to the product development effort.
  • Establish and maintain communication links, formal and informal, with all entities (internal and external) whose performance is dependent, in whole or part, upon the output of the Product Development activity. Working with all functions and teams continuously seek improved techniques to the accomplishment of this element. 
  • Lead teams, or subsets of teams in activities appropriate to be led by the Product Development function.  Participate in teams or subsets of teams on activities that require support of the Product Development function. 


  • Participate and take appropriate leadership where indicated, in all activities, formal and informal, that will enhance the cost, cycle time, or quality of the seating products being manufactured by the company; including those activities which will enhance the quality of work environment and life. 


  • Lean Manufacturing Principles: Assure that Lean Manufacturing principles are expanded and adhered to throughout company seating development and manufacturing activities.   


  • Lead/Assist in product launches. Coordinate with Manufacturing Engineering, Quality, Safety and Operations to assure process capability, equipment design, and optimum work balancing is ensured prior to program launches. 


  • Assure integrity of manufacturing processes. Assure the Integrity of manufacturing processes is maintained and improved after product launch by developing ongoing methods, checks and controls to indicate a deviation from established product design parameters. 


  • Participate as a member of the Product Development Engineering Team. Participate in ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs and policies.  Coordinate work to ensure best practices with all team members.  Attend appropriate team meetings.  As a member of the Technical Team, foster strong cohesiveness regarding all major issues; e.g., direction, annual plan, budget, policy changes, etc.  Accept responsibility to quickly identify any areas of lack of cohesiveness, bring them to the attention of the team leader and work with the team in a supportive manner to resolve issues effecting cohesiveness.  Actively look for ways, and reinforce actions needed, to achieve synergy possible within the larger organization.


Required Skills


  • BS in Mechanical Engineering


Required Experience

Technical Experience:  

  • Five plus years in product engineering and design, mechanical engineering design, etc. 
  • Knowledge of materials (plastic injection molding, die casting, etc) and processes (stamping, welding, wet coating, powder coating, plating, etc) and their proper application in seating product design.

Industry Experience:  

  • Understanding of team based work environments, and willingness to work in a team based work setting.
  • Use existing, and define new, productivity and quality tools (PC, CAD, FMA, DFMEA, etc.) to the maximum benefit of the projects.